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These are the Eras of rustifacs past, each one of their complete histories can be found on the website archived for future players to enjoy

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This had no theme Sanic Tried to build a city called stone ridge, Scottish Guy tried to rival it with the city of Frost Stone Ridge collapsed because it was to cold in the mountains that it was built upon, so everyone froze to death.

During that time four superpowers formed: Dragon, The Socialist Republic of Jinglegrad, Frost, and The Northern Coalition. TNC was destroyed by the Brotherhood of Frags, and it took the title as superpower.

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Era 15 Edit

The best university to ever grace this server was built during the Era.

Era 14.5 Edit

This Era Kinda sorta had a holy war theme TKT made The Holy Alliance and tried to sack Q18 with HC THC and THL. The Holy Alliance was obliterated by Los Diablos Hermanos, except THC and THL who proptly tor eachother appart leaving THL with most of the northern map while LDH had conquered all of the south

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In Era 14 there was a Fallout theme. This involved many factions; to list a few are: The New California Republic (NCR), The Caesars Legion (CL), The Adjudicators (ADJ), and The Brotherhood of Steel (BoS). Among these factions there were also three cities, Alpha Centauri,  Tenochtitlan, and Polis City.

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In Era 11 there was no RP theme. There was a Maze event, which took place on Dec. 18th.

Era 10.5 (Nov 19th - Dec 3rd) Edit

In Era 10.5 there was no RP theme.