Era 10.5 Overview

The oldest era that is archived on the rust factions website. Notable for being the first era that the forum was used instead of reddit, and for being the first official "half" era.


Rust factions rule change almost every era to better reflect the population of the time with later Era's rules even being used to enforce particular RP experiences. Era 10.5's ruleset was a simple one that didn't enforce any particular interactions and consisted of what one could consider the basic rule set for rust factions.


[BR] Blackrock

[GPK] The Grand Pyramus Kingdom

[RTS] Rustifac Trading Society

[FOH] Fist of Hades

[ORKS] Orks

[GRIT] The Hunters of Gritwood

[GOD] The Guild Of the Damned

[WC] The White Council

[TOI] The Tribe Of The Iron Blooded

[GOV] The Government (dissolved)

[AK] Anonymous Knights


[UH] Unhealthy Hooligans

[PoA] Priests of Arcadia (dissolved)

[GuiLD] GuiLD

[BZ] Berzerkerz

[KoE] The Kingdom of Elysium

[RG] Rich Gang

[MURK] Murk

[TRP] The Rusty Pirates

[FTC] Federation of Three Crowns

[No] No Faction

[HRE] Holy Roman Empire

[ULC] United Lumber Corp

[DISC] Discordia



The GPK sinners must perish [GoD]

ORKS declare blood upon filthy Bezerkerz

[TOI] Going To War GOD

ORKS Declare war on AK

The White Council Declares War Against GOV

The Fist Of Hades Declares War Against AK

[BR] has been at war with GOD

The White Council [WC] Declares War Against [RG]

[WC] Declares it's strike upon KoE

[WC] Praying to Hades to Condemn [FTC]'s Souls

The Coalition against Southern Aggression declares war on WC.