Era 14 Overview Edit

Era 14 was an era of great influence, it saw the rise of Mega Alliances on the server, the fall of Fercheze, and a complete change to the ideologies that drive the server admins. All that the server is now, for better or worse, started here.

Rules Edit

Era 14 Rules

Special Rules Edit

Special Rules are rules that are era specific. They generally override basic rules and are used to enhance an era's theme and feel. During era 14 the only special rule was that the Ocean was divided int 4 claimable areas.

Factions Edit

  • IST International Space Trade
  • ADJ The Adjudicators
  • BHC Bravery, Honor, Courage
  • CL Caesar's Legion
  • DNS Drunk Nova-scocians
  • KGB Committee for State Security
  • NCR New California Republic
  • BOS Brotherhood of Steel
  • YES Yakuza Eastern Syndicate
  • NW North Woodstock
  • HC Heavy Calvary
  • Teno Tenotichilan
  • BT Bartertown
  • RUM
  • REP Republic
  • MEMES Many Enemies Many Elemenations Sighted
  • WLVR Wolverines
  • Alpha Alpha Centauri
  • Merc Mercenaries
  • KOFF Kingdom of Finland
  • Rise
  • Fallen Fallen Sailors
  • MMD Myrmidons
  • TRU The Rustorian Union
  • US America
  • Polis Free City of Polis
  • MADD Mothers against Drunk Driving
  • NPF New Pioneer Federation
  • REBEL Rebel Insurgency
  • CHI Chimeras
  • COD Church of Despair

Wars Edit

  • US declares war on REP
  • US Declares war on KGB
  • Independents Declare War on CL
  • Independents declare war on US
  • MMD declares war on US
  • NWO declares war on KGB
  • KGB Declares war on IST
  • NWO declares war on IST
  • Rise and fallen declare war on REP
  • BHC Declares war on BOS
  • RUM Declares war on BHC
  • GOOSEMAN declares war on GOOSEMAN