Era 22 Overview Edit

The Feudal Era! A brief blip of success in what many consider to be the dark ages of rust factions. Facing an ever declining population and general increasing disinterest in the rust RP experience, Era 22 was a simple era that featured simple rule changes meant to simulate the complex feudal government systems found in medieval Europe and as such, it was referred to as the "Feudal Era." While proclaiming to be an era modeled after feudal europe, it never actually attempted to emulate or enforce actual feudal relationships which would have been hard to establish and maintain in a game. Instead the era took a grossly simplified version of the political climate from the popular book series "Game of Thrones" and used it as a template, splitting clans into different "houses" depending on their size and giving the largest "houses" special rules to encourage smaller houses to pledge fealty to the large ones.

Rules Edit

Special Rules Edit

1) Factions are now Houses, and are limited. Houses must have a sigil/coat of arms. 

A Great House is a powerful house which has vassal houses to itself. Great Houses may be from 3-5 players.  A Lesser (Or small) House is the vassal houses to the Great Houses. They may be from 1-3 players. 

When A Lesser house is created, they must swear fealty to a Great House.

2) Controlling land

Land claims are now limited by the number of players in your faction. Each claim is approximately 1 grid square on per person. 

Your control structure must be thematically a castle, and must contain your factions sigil/coat of arms/banner on the front of it. 

3) War Changes

The rules of war are still the same as before (in regards to declaring and winning a war). The main change comes in what happens after the war now. If a house defeats another house in war, the defeated house must now swear fealty to the conquering house. The defeated house now becomes a lesser house under the Great House of the conquering side. You do not lose your land or control of it. 

4) The King or Queen.

After the first couple days there will be a deciding vote on Kingship/Queenship. How this will work is the Great Houses can put their name in for the royal ascension, with their chosen leader taking up the mantle of king/queen. 

However, only the Lesser Houses may vote on which Great House will take the throne. Therefore it is integral for the Great Houses to secure the alliances or favour of the lesser houses, whether through diplomacy or conquest.

The King/Queen will have the power to pass laws island wide, but it is up to the controlling house to enforce them (ex. The King bans pumpkin helmets for whatever reason, it is up to the kings house/allies to enforce the law).

Factions Edit

[HIGH] The High King's Host

[Jarn] House Järn

[Csejte] House Bathory

[Republic] The Central Republic

[MYRE] Greater House Windermyre

[Kraven] Kravenwood

[Espero] The Commonwealth of Espero

House Of Khada


House Crane

House Pumpkin

Lesser House of Damian

House Rust

House of Sin

The Greater Kingdom of Meridian



House Kjaftagelgjur

House of Argentarius

Lesser House of Cabal

The House of SilverDawn

House of Freemasonry



The House of Moose

House Cygnus

The Hegumenic Church

The High Court of Meredith Jane

Darkwood city

House of Elynore

Black Flag Operators

House Crane


House Raccoon Bandits


the free mans hunting Lodge

House Peebleton

House of the Shadow

House of Firefly

House of the Gooseman

House Shallows

House Goldguard

House Latet

The Onandowaga

House Birudā

The House of El

House Wing

House Eyrthorne

House Donner-Dain

House Baindal

House of the Silver Serpent

The Trades Guild Forums

Iron Dawn


House of the Lord of Barrels.

House Coombe

House Chiltern

Order of the Black Diamond

house nordkarl

House Shatner

La Familio de Espero (The Family of Hope)

House Uerturio

House Ermine

House Hvítelk

Wars Edit

DARK vs the server

House Ermine vs House of Warendrop

Goldguard vs Argentarius

Ermines vs Argentarius

Ermines vs Central Republic

Ermines vs Goldguard