INGSOC, short for The English Socialist Party was the ruling government of the city of Portside in Era 27. They were one of the most influential factions of the era, despite being one of the poorest. They were founded two weeks into the era by O'Brien and Unidentified, however by the end their leadership included: Ol Dirty Bastard, Yellowhello, Brian Vellone and Arsenical.

Background Edit

INGSOC was founded two weeks into the era, when O'Brien decided that Cicero was unfit to

rule Portside. He decided to contact Unidentified, who was at the time In Father's Union, Making an agreement to overthrow Cicero, and relax the growing suspicion in both the north and south.

After Cicero bombed a marriage between two people in Troll, Almightycannon and Karuzo provided assistance from the north to overthrow his rule. Just before this, O'Brien recruited Yellowhello and ODB to assist, and also put up propaganda across the city to make Cicero paranoid.

Following The Treaty of Portside, that granted INGSOC complete control over Portside, Brian Vellone joined INGSOC and was made a high ranking member. Later Arsenical was invited.

It lastid until hell day era 27, yet rumors persist that it is still active, in the shadows, waiting for the right time to strike.