Background Edit

NORP is short for Normal, Ordinary, Respectable, People. It was a major faction in Era 13, and its influence was felt for a long time. NORP was lead by a council. Important members are: Sharif Darius, Lyn, Mrdburger, Wildilli, and Cools. They are most well known for The Infection, considered by many to be the greatest RP event in server history.

History Edit

I (The writer) currently do not have much data on their early history, so we will continue after they founded Deadwood, and when the infection was discovered.

Some miners from Deadwood went on a mining expedition to a nearby cave, they used dynamite to blow into the deeper areas of the cave, where they found a massive stone building. The three, who were leaders of the city, disappeared.

Almost instantly people started going mad within the city from the infection, by the time the infected city leaders returned, the entire city was infected and ready to spread the plague.

This in turn started a massive war against NORP, however, due to the rules at the time, no one could stop them. Initially, it was contained, with NORP only attacking areas nearby. But when Black Prince discovered a horde of infected in the sewers of Black Coast, everything went to hell. A unified North, still unscarred from the infection, offered to help the City of Baytown from the infection. In truth they intended to trap the infected inside, then kill them off one by one.

But it failed, there were to many infected to be able to trap them all in Baytown, though the leaders were contained.

Within days after Silk Road and Zafir were abandoned. After TMG started to be attacked, they merged with TO to defend their lands. However, the Infection was mobilized near Aachen, the heart of the Island, and it would all be over.

Then hell day happened. (It did, everyone was left in a cliffhanger, though it was obvious the infection would win at that point)

Impact on the future Edit

The original 13.9 wild west era was inspired by NORP pre infection. And the founders continued to play a major role in the server till Era 19, when they disbanded.