Describe the worlds luckiest idiot here...

Hey, pal, you don't look so good, why don't you take a seat, and talk about it?

Oh, you're sad?

Would you like to hear a tale of epic heroes fighting against a tyrant's regime?

Sorry, pal, but we were far from heroes, and they were far from evil, but I'll try my best...

A long time ago in an era far, far away...

Era 13 to be exact, I came into the server after accidentally DESTROYING the last one I was on, long story, it was an accident though, I promise ;P

So, what happens, BANNED THE FIRST DAY!

Well, as I said before, We're no heroes, it was an illegal raid, but I smooth talked the resident Aussie on the admin team; RedNut? and was quickly unbanned, it was around that time I met Dark Sorcerer, and became familiar with the Black Prince /He'll be important later/.

After that era, I hopped on board with Dark's plan for WORLD DOMINATION; IST, though our plans quickly became second behind an even BETTER plan, from ADJ, CL, and BHC.

Hold on, what's that, Jay? We're being raided by normies? WELL LETS KICK THEIR ASSES!

Sorry, I have fools to meme on, will continue later, TTFN.

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