Hello? This is Nordic, founder of this wiki. Let me guess, you are either here because you were checking the player list, searching random page, or actively trying to find this page so you can spam hate comments in the peanut gallery.

Well, let me tell you bout myself...

I started playing in era 13 as MDY, dont go checking that out, it is the worst faction ever (well, the church of Yeastus Crust might tie with it for that title, or Tswift). Ah well.

Then era 14 with the best city ever, alpha.

Next 14.5 when Q18 happened. I was in THL with Floob, Gooster, Adrian and Kuntah, also round the time I met with TBP.

Didn't attend 15/15.5

16 was: mah favorate era

17 was good

18 was: bleach

19 was: also bleach

20 was: ban

21 was: good

22 was: BURN THE WITCH, Quenten le mortimer

23 was: Shaka, awesome

24 was: Can we please Unperson this entire era?

25 was: Cult of Cthulhu, and the first edition of INGSOC, though I was not present at the time...

26 was: not there

27 was: O'brien, and INGSOC returned

28 was: Never really got a character I liked, and had to leave abruptly.

Gallery Edit

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