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Wiki Rules Edit

Rule 1: No spamming. Edit

Rule 2: Era's for Old Factions/Old Reddit should be marked as OF-E # or OR-E # Respectively. IE: A faction from Old Factions Era 14 would have OF-E 14, If a faction lasts for more than one era, ignore this rule IE: TKT/TKR Edit

Rule 3: If two factions have the same name and tag IE: The Kingdom: OR-1 and The Kingdom: OF-21, and one existed for more than one era, list it's founding era. Edit

Rule 4: If an era that something was founded under is unknown: use OF-XX or OR-XX; if this applies to a legacy faction; or a town wars city; ignore, as their are no eras for those. Edit

Rule 5: If you are writing a player's BIO, and the page is NOT for yourself, It is recommended you maintain a clinical, unbiased tone, as to avoid flame wars. Edit

Rule 6: Please don't attempt to RP on the wiki; we a Reddit for that. Edit


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