Hello there, this wiki was founded as the official wiki has fallen into great disrepair, after its creator was dishonorable discharged from the admin team. As such it got clogged with add pages, and we had to create a new one. This one is intended to replace the last one. Feel free to check out any bit of lore you want. See the footprint for Mountain's Shadow, as given by Black Prince himself! View the city of Castle in its ancient glory! Ever wondered who Drem is? Now you can find out.

What is Rust Factions Edit

Rust factions is an RP (Roleplay) server for the video game Rust that has been around since rust legacy. The server is dedicated to creating a community of like minded individuals who enjoy creating stories inside the sandbox of rust through the use of roleplay, instead of participating in the raid focused meta that dominates vanilla rust.

Current Era Edit

Era 29 Edit

Last Era Edit

Era 28 Edit

Archived Eras Edit

Era 27 Edit

Era 26 Edit

Era 25.5 Edit

Era 25 Edit

Era 24.5 Edit

Era 24 Edit

Era 23 Edit

Era 22 Edit

Era 21 Edit

Era 20.9 Edit

Era 20 Edit

Era 19.5 Edit

Era 19 Edit

Era 18 Edit

Era 17 Edit

Era 16 Edit

Era 15.5 Edit

Era 15 Edit

Era 14.5 Edit

Era 14 Edit

Era 13.9 Edit

Era 13 Edit

Era 12 Edit

Era 11.9 Edit

Era 11 Edit

Era 10.5 Edit

Reddit eras Edit

Era 10

Era 9

Era 8

Era 7

Era 6

Era 5

Era 4

Era 3

Era 2

Era 1

Lost Eras Edit

Legacy Factions

Rust Town Wars

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